The Prime Minister has promised a “green industrial revolution” in the UK to bring new jobs to former industrial areas. 

The opposition has put pressure on the government by outlining a radical plan to take the UK towards net-zero carbon emissions. Plans have been set out for an “electric vehicle revolution”. 

The plans include: 

  • part-finance three more gigafactories by 2025 to build the batteries for electric vehicles.
  • fund interest-free loans for low- and middle-income households to help them cope with the upfront costs of buying an electric car;
  • accelerate the creation of charging points, including in less well-served areas including Yorkshire, the North West of England and the West Midlands.

Electric car sales were up by over 180% last year. Investing heavily in electric cars is said to be a way to keep existing, and also creating new jobs, after a difficult year for car sales.