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As the dark winter nights draw in, so do the risks of road traffic accidents. There are many crashes and accidents through the winter months that are completely avoidable.

While casual drivers can choose to avoid making trips on the road in tricky driving conditions, what should you do if your business relies on continuing to hit the road, no matter the time of year?

Ensure that your fleet, and team, remain safe, and your business keeps moving forward, whatever the weather.

Seeing clearly and being seen on the roads

It is important in the upcoming months to make sure your van fleet is completely ready for the challenges that winter brings, with all lights and mirrors functioning properly.

In 2017, statistics from the AA highlighted a significant jump in the number of accidents caused by faulty headlights from the previous three years.

A quarter of these accidents led to serious injuries or fatalities.

At the time of year when headlights can be required even during daylight, ensuring your lights are in top condition is paramount.

Read Our guide to headlamps.

Faulty or damaged lights are easy to repair, the alternative can cost a failed MOT, a defect rectification notice and, in the event of failure to adhere, a fixed penalty fee, points on the license and a looming court date.

If defective lights are found to be the cause of a serious accident it can even lead to a prison sentence.

How often are you conducting checks on your fleet?

Pro-active checks can prevent all of the above.

Fortnightly checks should be a bare minimum for fleets that spend long periods of time on the road.

It’s an opportunity to check brake lights, headlights, fog lights and indicators; all integral for informing other road users of your presence and intention. This is crucial in the winter months when visibility is lacking.

When checking your vehicles, it is important to not only check that lights are visible and bright enough to meet legal standards, but also that there is no discernible damage to the headlamp casing or noticeable discoloration to the headlight lens.

Oxidation, scratches and yellowing of the headlight lenses, as well as damaged and dirty headlight lenses can prevent your drivers from seeing and being seen clearly. In this situation it is sensible and prudent to replace the headlight assembly.


On top of visible damage, it is always a good idea to ensure that your headlight assemblies are secured and sealed correctly.

Due to general wear and tear, coupled with road vibrations, headlight assemblies can quickly and easily become loose. When a headlight assembly is loose, or poorly fitted, the continuous vibration can cause the expensive headlight bulb to vibrate constantly.

During the winter months, as conditions are generally wetter and colder, this can cause constant burning out of headlight bulbs as moisture comes into contact with hot bulbs.

So, make sure that you check the headlight covers for holes and cracks, fit the cover properly and reseal it to avoid any problem in the future.

As an extra precaution, provide your fleet with a selection of spare bulbs through the winter months, no driver wants to be stuck in a dark snowstorm without lights.

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Supporting your fleet

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Whether your parts need replacing due to an accident, or as part of your regular maintenance programme, keeping your van in top shape is the first step in staying safe on the roads this winter.

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