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Are you performing regular maintenance checks on your fleet?

Recent government guidelines are reminding commercial operators of the importance of regular maintenance checks.

Data from DVSA has highlighted ten times more prohibitions are issued three-months following an MOT test; a 25% increase in prohibitions compared to the first month after an MOT.”

The data also showed that “60% of HGV prohibition defects found three-months post-MOT could have been easily reported and corrected prior to a journey, or noticed when driving the vehicle.”

This shows that some vehicles are not being adequately maintained following their MOT. Unfortunately, lax arrangements such as these can cause significant issues to commercial operators, not to mention a risk to your drivers and the public. The good new however, is that they can be easily avoided.

The simple solution lies in ensuring that vehicles are roadworthy, and frequently maintained. Maintenance shouldn’t be limited to regular services and MOT’s; it should be scheduled before each and every journey to complete the necessary checks.

Be prepared for last minute issues

In order to avoid any last-minute issues and the potential grounding of a vehicle, ensuring that you are fully equipped for all eventualities is key. Make sure that you have sufficient maintenance equipment and tools at the ready, just to be prepared for anything.

Brake lights, headlamps, rear lamps and mirrors are vital for safe journeys, and any damage can obscure your ability to be seen, as well as view the road clearly.

Indicators are equally vital as they warn other drivers of your intentions. A faulty indicator can prevent this process from occurring, thus placing you and other drivers at great risk.

It’s also important to note that if your vehicle is checked at the roadside with any of these faults, you will receive an immediate prohibition and a potential fixed penalty. This is costly, time-consuming, and completely avoidable.

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Final maintenance checklist

Government guidelines further state that maintenance is the responsibility of more than one person. Both operators and drivers are fully responsible for ensuring that vehicles are roadworthy before leaving base.

Here’s a pre-emptive checklist:

  • Drivers should be suitably trained to correctly identify defects. Any faults should be assessed and reported as soon as possible. Remember, it is an offence to drive an unroadworthy vehicle.
  • The individual responsible for assessing defects should be competent, and with the authority to remove the vehicle from service if necessary.
  • Operators should have the necessary tools and adequate systems in place to manage defects and ensure that vehicles are repaired or recovered prior to reissue back onto the road.


Carrying a range of parts and spares will ensure that you’re prepared for anything. Faults are inevitable, so to pre-empt is both wise and efficient.

If it’s not financially viable to carry larger parts in stock, ensure your suppliers understand the impact of downtime on your business and can support you in minimising the impact.

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Stay visible in winter driving conditions

Maintenance checks are doubly important in the winter months. Many commercial fleet drivers don’t have the luxury of avoiding less-than-ideal driving conditions, so take a look at our guide to staying visible in the winter months and discover how to keep your vehicle safe on the road this winter.

Who are we?

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You can read the full Government report ‘Commercial operators urged to carry out regular maintenance’ HERE




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