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Driver Safety Screen in UK Taxi

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the idea of partitions within private hire vehicles such as taxis became mainstream, though they have actually been around for a lot longer as a safety device. 

A partition creates a physical barrier between the front seat where the driver is positioned and the rear seats where the passengers are located. The setup allows drivers to continue working with a greatly reduced threat of coronavirus particles being breathed in by either party, should an infected person enter the vehicle. 

Likewise, the strength of the screen means the chance of a physical attack – something that is sadly common within the taxi industry – is made much more difficult to carry out. 

Mount Panels are a stockist of partition screens. Our screens have been tested to withstand knives, hammers as well as physical punches and kicks. Here is an overview of this most important vehicle feature, along with how to shop with us online.


What Is A Taxi Driver Safety Screen?

A taxi driver safety screen is a toughened plastic shield designed to fit snugly behind your front seats, effectively sectioning them off from the rest of the vehicle. The screens have slots in the middle so that passengers can still pay (though fully sealed models are also available). 

It’s good to note that not all safety screens are created equal. As mentioned, our safety screens used toughened plastic that has been thoroughly road toasted against various types of attacks. However, it’s also possible to buy thinner plastic screens that are essentially as useful as a piece of cling film. 

Not only are flimsier models very difficult to fit, but they also offer no protection against attacks from humans or weapons. Therefore, we only consider it a ‘safety screen’ when its design actually promotes driver safety. 


Do I Need A Car Protection Screen?

The government has advised that in addition to all other COVID-19 safety measures, car protection screens ‘should be one of a number of measures you consider.’

First and foremost, the cost of a screen (even a super durable one like ours) is very affordable. Then when you add in the protection not just against coronavirus but physical attack, the value couldn’t be better. 

Taxi drivers need to acknowledge the threats that come with the job, and any effort you can make to reduce the chances of being infected with coronavirus, infecting others or becoming a victim of violence should be taken. 

So while it is not yet a legal requirement to have a car protection screen, it’s highly recommended for the safety of yourself and your passengers. Moreover, as the government begins to reflect on how to prevent future pandemics, there’s nothing to say safety screens won’t become legislation in the near future either. 


Safety screens developed for taxis during the COVID-19 pandemic

As mentioned, partition screens have been greatly helping with the fight against COVID-19. The simple fact is that coronavirus is an airborne virus, meaning a physical barrier is needed to stop the particles from being transmitted between people. 

Not all passengers will wear masks due to health reasons or a lack of compliance. The dangerous nature of taxi driving can mean drivers are faced with a confrontation with non-mask wearing passengers if they do not have a partition in place. However, such issues can be avoided altogether if a sturdy partition is separating both parties. Though, of course, wearing masks is still advised (and is currently still required). 

The smooth surface of the plastic also makes it easier to clean with antibacterial wipes. The same just isn’t possible with flimsy screens or worse still… no screen at all!


Insurance Industry Support

Any insurer will welcome steps you take to reduce the likelihood of accident, injury or damage. That’s because when calculating your premiums, they are going to consider how likely it is you will be attacked on the job or how easy it is for your vehicle to get damaged. 

The nature of taxi driving is that you will likely encounter intoxicated or violent people, especially if working night shifts. A partition screen is one of the best ways to protect yourself from harm, especially if you purchase a good quality model. Plus, a reduced likelihood of attack means you can keep working, safe in the knowledge you are being protected. 

In addition, the installation of driver safety screens is supported by Transport For London. There is no specific model they recommended as all taxi vehicles vary in size, shape and make. Though, we would always suggest measuring your vehicle first and choosing a model that is the closest fitting like ours. 


Buy Taxi Driver Protection Screens UK

If you are looking to enhance the safety of your vehicle either due to coronavirus or the risk of attack, then a protection screen is an invaluable investment. Driver protection screens can be fitted to practically any vehicle type with ease and offer that much-needed peace of mind.

Mount Panels sells a range of taxi driver protection screens which you can view by visiting our online shop. If you have any questions about anything we’ve mentioned above, contact us, and we’ll be in touch!